Electroplating sewage treatment equipment

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Overview of electroplating wastewater treatment

The domestic electroplating wastewater treatment work is in its infancy, and there are many phenomena such as scattered and unreasonable electroplating plants, unreasonable layout, and backward production technology. The treatment wastewater is limited to chromium and cyanide, and the wastewater treatment rate is extremely low. With the continuous reform of the electroplating process and the continuous development of wastewater treatment technology, since the 1980s, the plating of wastewater treatment has increased, and the treatment methods have also evolved from single treatment technology to comprehensive treatment technology, electroplating wastewater treatment to socialization, equipment. The development of serialization and serialization has increasingly become the direction of people's consensus and efforts. However, due to various factors, the country still mainly follows the principle of who is polluting, and there is still a certain gap compared with various forms of socialized and specialized governance in some developed countries.

Electroplating wastewater treatment development

For enterprises with electroplating production technology, in accordance with relevant national regulations, it is necessary to carry out pollution control on the wastewater generated by them, and the electroplating wastewater treatment technology and management are highly specialized. All enterprises must invest human and material resources for reliable special treatment. To a certain extent, the company has brought production burdens other than the owner's products, and the waste water treatment equipment dispersed in various enterprises has caused serious waste of social resources due to high investment and insufficient operating rate, especially in the process technology level. The uneven quality and the difference in the quality of the operation management personnel also cause difficulties in the management of the relevant departments. The centralized treatment of electroplating wastewater can overcome the above drawbacks, and the decentralized treatment is centralized treatment, resulting in new types of social services. Become a new trend in the future development of environmental protection or pollution control.

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