Aquaculture water treatment

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Treat salt water into fresh or brackish water

In line with low salt or freshwater aquaculture, the equipment is as shown above.

Marine culture circulating water treatment technology

With the improvement of the level of marine aquaculture technology and the expansion of market demand, the marine ecological environment has gradually attracted widespread attention.

Since the types and quantities of primary producers in the cultured seawater system are far from meeting the growth needs of high-density cultured organisms, bait and chemicals should be placed in the culture process as nutrients and disinfectants for the growth of cultured organisms. In this way, if the aquaculture wastewater is not treated directly to the sea, the remaining bait, chemical residues, and cultured biological wastes rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, organic matter and toxic substances in the aquaculture wastewater will aggravate the eutrophication of the adjacent seas. Degree of pollution and water pollution, and cause marine ecological problems such as harmful red tides.

In fact, in recent years, the total discharge of marine aquaculture wastewater has exceeded the discharge of terrestrial sewage, which may be one of the important reasons for the frequent occurrence of harmful red tides and the continuous expansion of scale. Due to the seawater salinity effect and the difference between the pollutant structure in the aquaculture wastewater and the common land-source sewage, the treatment of the aquaculture wastewater is more difficult. Therefore, there are currently few proprietary technologies for the external treatment of marine aquaculture wastewater.

At present, the treatment of aquaculture wastewater is mainly carried out by conventional physical, chemical and biochemical processes, with the aim of reducing the concentration of chemical oxygen demand (cod), suspended matter (ss) and ammonia nitrogen in the aquaculture wastewater, and then recycling.

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