Medical purification water equipment

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Product introduction

With the improvement of the modernization of hospitals, the improvement of medical conditions and the needs of medical diagnosis and treatment, the requirements for medical water use have also increased accordingly. In order to meet the purified water system used in medical departments, reverse osmosis technology is used to prepare medical purified water for clinical departments such as blood in hospitals. Qualified medical water is provided in dialysis, operating room, emergency room, laboratory, stomatology, and pharmacy.

Purified water quality standard for biopharmaceutical industry

Chemical indicators: in line with the water quality requirements of the 2010 edition of the Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China; hygiene inspection: microbial 100CFU / ml; conductivity: 2uS / cm.

Requirements for water quality in the pharmaceutical industry and biological products

Pharmaceutical biological products are mainly used for formulation, dosing and rinsing. Its characteristics are that in addition to the salt content, iron, manganese have certain requirements, especially the removal of bacteria, pyrogens are extremely demanding, especially for medical injection water, in addition to the removal of impurities and ions in the water Multi-effect distillation removes bacteria and pyrogens to meet Pharmacopoeia requirements.

Introduction to the process flow of pharmaceutical purified water system

Raw water → Raw water booster pump → Multi-media filter → Activated carbon filter → Water softener → Precision filter → Reverse osmosis system → Middle water tank → EDI system → Purification water tank → Pure water pump → UV sterilizer → Microporous filter → Product water


It is widely used in water production engineering, kidney dialysis and other water for medical infusion, pharmaceutical preparations, biological preparations, etc.

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