EDI ultra pure water equipment

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Introduction to EDI technology

EDI (Eleectrodeionization), also known as continuous electric desalination technology, scientifically combines electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology through the selective permeation of cations and anions by cations and anion membranes, and the exchange of ions in water by ion exchange resins. Under the action of electric field, the directional migration of ions in water is achieved, thereby achieving deep purification and demineralization of water, and continuously regenerating the charged resin by hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions generated by water electrolysis. Therefore, the EDI water production process does not require acid, Alkali chemical regeneration can continuously produce high-quality ultra-pure water. It has the advantages of advanced technology, compact structure and easy operation. It can be widely used in electric power, electronics, medicine, chemical, food and laboratory fields. It is a water treatment technology. Green revolution.

EDI ultra pure water system parameters

Raw water: tap water, well water, ground water, and water.

Inlet pressure: 0.2~0.3MPa.

Operating pressure: 0.3~1.5MPa.

Control: Fully automatic control / manual automatic switching.

Material: PVC/304/316L/FRP.

Water production: 0.25~200T/H (according to customer needs).

Process: reverse osmosis membrane separation + electrodeionization (EDI).

Product water resistivity: 18 MΩ.cm, 15 MΩ.cm, 10 MΩ.cm, 5 MΩ.cm, 2 MΩ.cm, 0.5 MΩ.cm.

EDI ultra pure water system features

1. The water quality of the produced water is high and stable.

2. continuous uninterrupted water production, no downtime due to regeneration.

3. No chemical regeneration is required.

4. conceived thoughtful stack design, small footprint.

5. the operation is simple and safe.

6. Operating costs and maintenance costs are low.

7. no acid and alkali reserves and transportation costs.

8. fully automatic operation, no need for special care.

Compared with traditional ion exchange (DI), EDI has the following advantages:

1. EDI does not require chemical regeneration.

2. There is no need to stop the machine during EDI regeneration.

3. Provide stable water quality.

4. Low energy consumption.

5. Easy operation and management, and low labor intensity.

6. Low operating costs.

EDI ultra pure water system application

1. Chemical water treatment in power plants.

2. Ultra-pure water in electronics, semiconductor and precision machinery industries.

3. Process water for pharmaceutical industry.

4. Preparation of food, beverages and drinking water.

5. Desalination of seawater and brackish water.

6. fine chemicals, sophisticated water use.

7. Preparation of high purity water required by other industries.

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