Laboratory ultra-pure water machine

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Laboratory ultra-pure water machine is a kind of laboratory water purification equipment. It is used to remove all solid impurities, salt ions, bacteria and viruses in water by filtration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchanger, ultraviolet sterilization and other methods. Device.

The characteristics of the laboratory high-purity water machine, tap water into the water, and the production of pure water and ultra-pure water, greatly meet the water needs of the laboratory; the product is small integrated, modular, user-friendly design, easy to use, small footprint, Beautiful appearance; water quality drop alarm function, consumables use expiration replacement reminder, and other functions; water quality is stable, water saving, power saving, and time saving.


1.It has a complete purification unit to realize tap water as influent water, pure water and ultrapure water as effluent. Produce different standards of water to meet the water needs of various laboratories.

2. If the raw water quality is less than 2000μs and the hardness is ppm450ppm, in this case, the water quality of the produced water can be stabilized below 5μs/cm, and the raw water utilization rate can reach 60%-80%.

Equipment technology

Pretreatment system → Reverse osmosis system → Middle water tank → Water pump → EDI device → Purification water tank → Pure water pump → UV sterilizer → Polishing mixed bed → 0.2 or 0.5μm precision filter → Product water

Application(including but not limited to the following):

●Electronic industry production such as monocrystalline silicon, semiconductor, integrated circuit block, IC chip package, picture tube, glass bulb, liquid crystal display, printed circuit board, optical, optoelectronic, thermal power plant, metallurgy, chemical, light industry, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical Manufacturing industries such as sanitation are made of pure water;

●Manufacture of large infusions, pharmaceutical preparations, inspection and analysis, hemodialysis, pharmaceutical and process water for the pharmaceutical industry;

● Painting industry such as electroplating, battery production, electrophoretic paint production line; surface cleaning and painting of automobiles, electrical appliances and building materials; glass and plastic surface coating;

● Chemical industry such as chemical pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, fine chemicals, cosmetics, ink cartridges, and daily chemical products;

● Experimental ultra-pure water such as production laboratories, chemical laboratories, physical laboratories, pilot plants, and hospital biochemical rooms in factories, universities, and companies.

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