Reverse osmosis deionized water equipment

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The reverse osmosis deionized water equipment mainly separates the ion range in the solution, it does not need heating, and has no phase change process, so it has lower energy consumption than the conventional method. The reverse osmosis device has small volume, simple operation and wide application range. The reverse osmosis device is used to treat industrial water, does not consume a large amount of acid and alkali, has no secondary pollution, and its operating cost is relatively low.

Reverse osmosis deionized water equipment technical characteristics

The reverse osmosis deionized water equipment is suitable for the purification treatment of surface water, groundwater, reservoir water, tap water and other water sources.

According to the characteristics of the user's water source, our company has formulated a detailed process design plan to ensure that the water production meets the industry water standards.

The reverse osmosis desalination process has been widely used in the production of water for food and beverage, electronic chemicals, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

1. Various purified water production lines with a system pure water production of 0.1-200 tons/hour or more.

2. The RO membrane is made of American Hyde or Dow membrane elements.

3. The RO membrane shell is made of stainless steel or high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic membrane shell.

4. The original water pressurization, RO pressurization, cleaning system, etc. use the southern stainless steel pump or the Danish Grundfos pump.

5. Imported dosing, softening device.

6. Imported sterilization and disinfection device.

7. The ion exchange column is made of plexiglass, carbon steel or stainless steel.

8. Electrical components using Delixi or ABB equivalent brand products.

9. Hand/automatic interchange control of water production process, automatic control using Siemens or ABB equivalent components.

10. According to the requirements of water discharge, various production processes such as reverse osmosis, secondary reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis plus bed (mixed bed), reverse osmosis and EDI can be designed.

11. It can meet the production and domestic water standards of various industries with water resistivity of 0.5-18MΩ.cm and conductivity of 10∪s/cm.

Reverse osmosis deionized water equipment process

1. Pretreatment→Reverse Osmosis→Middle Water Tank→Water Pump→Edi Device→Purification Water Tank→Pure Water Pump→UV Sterilizer→Polishing Mixed Bed→Precision Filter→Water Apply Site (≥18MΩ.CM)

2. Pretreatment → First-Stage Reverse Osmosis → Dosing Machine (Ph Adjustment) → Middle Water Tank → Second-Stage Reverse Osmosis (Positive Charge Reverse Osmosis Membrane) → Pure Water Tank → Pure Water Pump → Edi Device → UV Sterilizer → Precision Filter → Water Apply Site (≥17MΩ.CM)

3. Pretreatment → Reverse Osmosis → Middle Water Tank → Water Pump → Edi Device → Pure Water Tank → Pure Water Pump → UV Sterilizer → Precision Filter → Water Apply Site (≥ 15MΩ.CM)

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