Ion-exchange water treatment equipment

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Ion-exchanged water treatment equipment refers to the use of an ion exchanger to cause the exchanger to neutralize the exchangeable ions in the aqueous solution to produce a reversible exchange of substances in accordance with the amount of the substance, resulting in improved water quality and no substantial structure of the exchanger (chemistry) The changing water treatment method.

In this water treatment mode, only cations participate in the exchange reaction, called cation exchange water treatment; only anions participate in the exchange reaction, called anion exchange water treatment; both cations and anions participate in the exchange reaction, called cation, anion exchange Water treatment.

Since the water quality of the raw water varies widely, and the requirements for the quality of the effluent water are various, there are many types of ion exchange and a combination of water treatment methods, which use the water treatment method to soften, remove alkali and remove salt. When the ion involved in the exchange reaction in the ion exchanger is sodium ion Na+, this method is called sodium (Na) type ion exchange method, and the exchanger is called sodium (Na) type cation exchanger, and similarly, there is hydrogen (H). ) ion exchange method and hydrogen (H) type cation exchanger.

The sodium type ion exchange method is the most common water treatment method for industrial boiler feed water. When the raw water passes through the sodium ion exchanger, the cations such as Ca2+ and Mg2+ in the water are exchanged with Na+ in the exchanger, which reduces the hardness of the water and softens the water. Therefore, this method is also called sodium ion exchange softening method.

Ion exchange technology has a wide range of applications in the field of water treatment. As a water-softening sodium ion exchanger, it is mainly used for water treatment of medium and low pressure boilers. Ion exchange desalination equipment, mainly used for the preparation of pure water and high purity water. Ion exchange equipment is suitable for many industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, painting, beverage and high pressure boiler feed water.

Compared with the reverse osmosis device introduced in recent years, it has the advantages of completely removing ionic impurities, low requirements for pretreatment of water, and low cost of equipment.

In the preparation of high purity water, there is currently no alternative to ion exchange technology. When the total salt content of the influent is below 400mg/l, the effluent quality is between 1.0-0.2us/cm according to different requirements of users. If the total salt content of the influent water is above 500mg/l, it can be combined with the electrodialyser to desalinate, and the effluent quality can be improved.

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