Softened water and pure water equipment for medical disinfection centers

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Product Description

480 tons of softened water and 48 tons of 2-stage pure water treatment equipment adopt softening treatment and reverse osmosis process to produce fresh water, which has the advantages of high water quality, stable water quality and low energy consumption.

After the raw water is treated by the water treatment system, the TDS is less than 2mg / L, the softening water production is 20 tons / hour, and the pure water production is 2 tons / hour.

Scope of application:

Water for hospital disinfection and supply room (all kinds of cleaning machines, cleaning vehicles, ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure sterilization equipment); preparation and dispensing water container cleaning water for hospital pharmacy and supply department.

Product Parameters

Product water quality:TDS<2mg/L

Raw water quality:TDS<700PPM

480TPD softened water and 48TPD 2-stage pure water treatment equipment

Model WY-RH-480+TW-48-12
Water yield

Softend water: 20Tons/hour

Pure water: 2Tons/hour

Product water quality
Desalination rate
Output water saltness <2mg/L
Recovery rate

First-stage RO: 65%

Second-stage RO: 85%

RO Operation pressure 0.1~0.3Mpa
RO Membrane
2 pcs
Pressure vessel
2 pcs
AC380V / 50Hz / Three phase
Protection grade

* 1. Equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

System function

1. The whole system runs fully automatically, with automatic rinse and regeneration functions of the pretreatment system.
2. Pure water tank liquid level and pure water delivery automatic control function.
3. It has multiple device safety functions such as waterless protection and high and low pressure protection.
4. High-precision conductivity meter monitors and displays the quality of produced water online.
5. Flexible and reliable process design, suitable for different water sources.
6. Meet the special requirements of users for remote, high-level, multi-point use.


Main accessories

● Reverse Osmosis Membrane: USA DOW/ TORAY/ HYDRANAUTICS brand

● Pressure Vessel: 450PSI, FRP material

● Softening Bed: φ900x1900mm, FRP material

● Precision Filter: 20"x5μ

● Feed Pump: Grundos & CNP brand, One for use and one for reserve

● High Pressure PumpGrundos & CNP brand, One for use and one for reserve

 RO water tank: SUS304, 20m3

● Soften water tank: SUS304, 20m3

● Pure water tank: SUS304

● Conductivity Meter: Createc

● Electric Element: Schneider brand or equivalent

Equipment list

1. Water treatment equipment
2. User manual, Operation video*
3. Final document (product certificate, factory test report, packing list, equipment drawing)
4. Other consumables accessories

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Component drawing:

Control Cabinet RO System Softening Bed

Multi-media Filter Active Carbon Filter Precision Filter

Raw Water Tank Soften Water Tank
Pure Water Tank

Middle Water Tank
Rinse Tank High Pressure Pump

Process flow diagram

Features and advantages

● Multi-media filter (with automatic rinse control valve): reduce water quality and turbidity, and remove impurities such as iron and manganese.
● Activated carbon filter (with automatic rinse control valve): absorbs residual chlorine and organic matter in water.
● Softening bed (with automatic rinse regeneration device): remove calcium and magnesium plasma, reduce the hardness of raw water.
● Precise filter: Precise treatment of impurities in water, deep filtration, and improvement of RO membrane inlet water quality.
● RO membrane treatment plate: adopt high-quality reverse osmosis membrane components to effectively remove ions, bacteria, heat sources, etc.
● Pure water supply part: full circulation constant pressure water supply.

Reverse Osmosis Technology

The reverse osmosis membrane is an artificial semipermeable membrane made of a semi-permeable membrane that has certain characteristics and is a core component of reverse osmosis technology.

The principle of reverse osmosis technology is to remove these substances and moisture according to the osmotic pressure of the solution, according to the fact that other substances cannot pass through the semipermeable membrane. The membrane pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is very small, so that dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, and the like in the water can be effectively removed.

The system has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple process and easy operation.

Applicable field

Drinking Water Water for food and beverage industry Industrial production water

Power industry boiler feed water Pharmaceutical industry water Building, school water supply

Customer cases

Two-stage Pure Water Reverse Osmosis System

Pure water treatment equipment for food and beverage industry project case