Reclaimed water reuse device

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Reclaimed water reuse device

The water reuse system process has adopted the most advanced membrane treatment technology, including pretreatment, ultrafiltration system and reverse osmosis (RO) system. As the wastewater can reach the production water standard or the domestic miscellaneous water standard through the advanced treatment of modern technology, the waste water can be recycled, so that the overall operation cost of the waste water is greatly reduced, which plays a great role in environmental protection.

Overview of water reuse treatment system

The so-called reclaimed water mainly refers to urban sewage or domestic sewage as a water source. After proper treatment, it is used as miscellaneous water. The water quality index is between the water and the sewage, called the middle water. The corresponding technology is called the middle water technology. The treated water can be used for toilet flushing, garden irrigation, road cleaning, city fountains, etc. For water-deficient areas where fresh water resources are scarce and urban water supply is seriously insufficient, the use of medium-water technology can not only save water but also make the sewage harmless. It is an important way to prevent and control water pollution, and it is also the key promotion of China's current and future long-term promotion. New technology, new technology.

The water reuse water treatment system is divided into three basic systems: building water, living community water, and urban water. The water system in the building is for a single building or several adjacent buildings, and the treatment scale is small; the water system in the living quarter refers to the middle water system in a small area, and the management is relatively concentrated. The treatment operation cost is relatively low, and the water supply quality is relatively stable; the urban water system refers to the secondary treatment of the urban sewage treatment plant as raw water, which provides urban water use after advanced treatment.

The water reuse system can be applied to the following industry wastewater:

1. Wastewater discharged from paper, medicine, hospital, beer, urban domestic sewage, chemical, electroplating, painting, circuit board, textile, bleaching and dyeing industries;

2. Washing water in various surface treatment processes;

3, anode, cathodic electrophoresis paint and other industries zero discharge wastewater.

Reuse of system effluent can be applied to the following aspects:

1. As the production water, the wastewater discharged from the standard will be treated to the industrial water standard after deep treatment, so that it can be reused for production, thus achieving water recycling.

2. As a miscellaneous water for living, such as toilet flushing, green watering, landscape rivers and lakes, environmental water, agricultural water, factory cooling water, car wash water, etc.

3. Other aspects of water use.

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