Integrated reclaimed water reuse equipment

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Integrated water reuse equipment

The equipment adopts Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology, which is a new technology combining biological treatment technology and membrane separation technology. It replaces the secondary sedimentation tank in the traditional process, and it can efficiently perform solid-liquid separation. Get stable water for direct use. It can also maintain a high concentration of microorganisms in the biological pool, with less residual sludge in the process, extremely effective removal of ammonia nitrogen, effluent suspended matter and turbidity close to zero, large removal of bacteria and viruses in the effluent, low energy consumption, and land occupation. The area is small.

Processing method

1. One is to directly treat it into drinking water and reuse it directly into daily life, that is, to achieve direct recycling of water resources. This treatment is suitable for areas where water resources are extremely scarce, but the investment is high and the process is complicated.

2. The other is the standard for treating it to non-potable water, mainly for water that is not in direct contact with the human body, such as flushing of toilets, ground, car washing, greening, fire fighting, industrial water, etc. The usual medium water treatment method.

3. the industry can use the water reuse technology to re-treatment of the industrial wastewater that meets the external standard, generally with softener, RO, EDI / mixed bed and other equipment to achieve softened water, purified water, ultrapure water At the level, industrial recycling can be carried out to achieve the purpose of saving capital and protecting the environment.


Raw water → Grille → Regulating tank → Lifting pump → Bioreactor → Circulating pump → Membrane assembly → Disinfecting device → Water storage tank → Water system for water

The water purification process of the water system is also very simple, generally three levels. In the first stage, the bulk of the impurities in the water is separated from the water by the grid. Due to the high and low water consumption in life, it is necessary to prepare a reservoir to adjust the water volume. More than 90% of the pollutants in the water are removed by secondary treatment. There are mainly biological treatment methods, physical chemical methods and membrane methods. All treatment methods do not need to be dedicated to manpower and material resources.

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