Ultrafiltration UF Systems

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Ultra-filtration (UF) is a membrane separation technology that purifies and separates solutions. The ultrafiltration membrane system is a solution separation device in which an ultrafiltration membrane is used as a filter medium and a pressure difference on both sides of the membrane is a driving force. The ultrafiltration membrane only allows the solvent (such as water molecules), inorganic salts and small molecular organic substances in the solution to pass through, and the macromolecular substances such as suspended matter, colloid, protein and microorganisms in the solution are intercepted, thereby purifying and separating.


Compared to traditional separation methods, ultrafiltration technology has the following characteristics:

1. The filtration process is carried out at room temperature with mild conditions and no component damage, so it is particularly suitable for the separation, classification, concentration and enrichment of heat sensitive substances such as drugs, enzymes, juices, etc.

2. The filtration process does not change phase, no heating, low energy consumption, no need to add chemical reagents, no pollution, is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly separation technology.

3. Ultrafiltration technology has high separation efficiency and is very effective for recovery of trace components in dilute solutions and concentration of low concentration solutions.

4.The ultrafiltration process uses only pressure as the power for membrane separation, so the separation device is simple, the process is short, the operation is simple, and it is easy to control and maintain.


Ultrafiltration technology plays an increasingly important role in the fields of reverse osmosis pretreatment, drinking water treatment, and reuse of water. Ultrafiltration technology plays a key role in the sterilization and turbid removal of alcohol and beverages, the depyrogenation of pharmaceuticals, and the concentration of foods and pharmaceuticals.

Advanced treatment of drinking water: deep purification and filtration of tap water to improve water quality.

Industrial water treatment: using groundwater and surface water as water sources, and filtering for industrial production.

Water treatment of water plants: using groundwater or surface water as a source of water, deep purification, and improving the quality of drinking water.

Pretreatment of reverse osmosis system: pre-treatment of reverse osmosis system, seawater desalination pretreatment.

Reuse of domestic sewage: deep treatment on the basis of the discharge of the standard, to achieve the purpose of reuse.

Industrial wastewater reuse: Deep treatment on the basis of the discharge of the standard, to achieve the purpose of reuse.

Ultrafiltration membrane purification principle:

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