Well water (groundwater) treatment

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Introduction to groundwater treatment equipment

Conventional groundwater treatment generally removes iron and manganese ions from the water and then further filters it, mainly by aeration, manganese sand filter removal of iron and manganese, precision filters or bag filter terminal treatment, while for groundwater purification treatment, generally Pretreatment + reverse osmosis treatment. Groundwater, with high hardness, high electrical conductivity, high iron and manganese characteristics, so the groundwater purification treatment must be pre-treated to ensure that the reverse osmosis membrane is not easy to block, so the groundwater pretreatment generally uses: multi-media filter ( Manganese sand and quartz sand) + activated carbon filter + water softener + plus scale inhibitor device + security filter. The reverse osmosis membrane design should also be designed with sufficient margin to ensure the amount of water in the effluent.

The iron and manganese removal equipment is mainly used to remove harmful substances such as iron and manganese, ammonia nitrogen, sediment and scale, so that the treated water quality meets the national drinking water standard. In China, the high content of iron and manganese in well water (groundwater) is quite common, far exceeding the standard of drinking water (Fe≤0.3mg/L, Mn≤0.1mg/L). In addition to iron and manganese, it is mainly used for aeration and filtration. The filter medium used is usually quartz sand and manganese sand, which are then filtered by activated carbon and a precision filter. After treatment, the suspended solids, sludge, rust and other mechanical impurities in the water can be removed. Most of the ammonia nitrogen is subjected to ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis filtration, and the hardness can be filtered by an ion exchange softening device.

Manganese exists in the state of divalent iron and manganese in water, and is reduced by a ferromanganese filter to form ferric iron and manganese. Thereby achieving the desired treatment effect. The device has the characteristics of simple process, compact structure, small floor space, high processing efficiency and reliable operation.

In addition, some well water needs to be softened, or brackish water, which can be treated with this equipment. For example, the following items can be used:

Well water becomes tap water

Well water mineral treatment

How to deal with the yellowing of well water

Well water filter

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Basic parameters

Raw water

Raw water source: well water

Inlet water temperature: 5 ~ 45 ° C

Inlet water flow: customized on demand

Water production

Water production flow: customized

Water quality: drinking water standard

Power supply

Voltage: 380V/50Hz/three phase (or other voltage)

Power: varies according to the amount of water produced

Protection level: IP54

Working environment

Ambient temperature: 0~45°C

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