40T/d Seawater Desalination Equipment

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40T/d Seawater Desalination Equipment

The seawater desalination system adopts the international advanced reverse osmosis technology and is designed by optimizing the system.

We have specially designed according to the special application of the ship, featuring small size, light weight, land occupation, convenient installation and strong adaptability. Applicable to yachts and fishing boats, the equipment is easy to operate and maintain. As long as it provides sea water, power supply, start-up and water production, the equipment has high salt rejection rate, stable performance, safety and reliability, and novel design.

The system can effectively remove inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic bacteria, bacteria and other harmful components in seawater, and desalinate seawater into high-quality water in accordance with the National drinking Water Sanitation Standard (GB5749-2022).

Application scope

The equipment with water yield 1670L/h, which is suitable for water consumption of less than 150-200 peoples.


Water yield
Recovery rate
40 11 32 2600*1200*1900

Equipment can be made according to customer’s requirements, only standard models are shown in the form.

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Process flow diagram

Water inlet → Multi-media filter → Precision filter → High pressure pump → Reverse osmosis system → Product water



● Pressure Vessel: Firstline, FRP Material.

● Raw Water Booster Pump: Grundfos / CNP.

● High Pressure Pump: Diamond / CNP.

● Device Framework: Industry-standard thick-walled stainless steel tube, and pipe outer surface is polished.

● Pipeline: The high-pressure side pipeline adopts dualphase steel or stainless steel pipelines and high-pressure hoses. Low-pressure side pipe uses UPVC pipe.

● Electric Element: Schneider.

Water quality

First-stage RO water quality: National Standard for Drinking Water (GB5749-2022).

Second-stage RO water quality: Pure water standard.

Performance and features

● Reverse osmosis seawater desalination technology is mature and advanced, the desalination rate is up to 99.5%.

● Energy saving design, low energy consumption and low cost of water production.

● Rigorous process design ensures long system life and low maintenance costs.

● Compact equipment, small size, easy installation.

● Easy to operated and maintained, cleaned and repaired without disassembly, easy to managed.

● Customizable according to customers’needs.

The desalination equipment adopts reverse osmosis water treatment technology, and has been well received by many customers after many years of practical application.

The desalination equipment is mainly treated with domestic drinking water from boats, ships, offshore platforms and islands. The treated water can meet the national drinking water standards, and can be treated again to meet the national pure water standards.

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Reverse Osmosis Technology

The reverse osmosis membrane is an artificial semipermeable membrane made of a semi-permeable membrane that has certain characteristics and is a core component of reverse osmosis technology.

The principle of reverse osmosis technology is to remove these substances and moisture according to the osmotic pressure of the solution, according to the fact that other substances cannot pass through the semipermeable membrane. The membrane pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is very small, so that dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, and the like in the water can be effectively removed.

The system has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple process and easy operation.

Applicable field

Ship Island Industrial process water

Offshore working platform Coastal water shortage area Desert area

Raw Water Quality

TDS: ≦36000mg/L

Inlet Temperature: 5~45℃

Inlet Flow: 5.2m3/h

Product Water Quality

TDS: <700mg/L (City tap water standard)

Desalination Rate: ≧99.5%

Operating Pressure: <6.5MPa


Voltage: 220V / 380V /440V, 50~60HZ, Three-phase

Protection Levels: IP54


Water yield
Recovery rate
40 11 32 2600*1200*1900

Equipment can be made according to customer’s requirements, only standard models are shown in the form.

Please contact us for more details.

Email: steve@zhwywater.com, wy@zhwywater.com